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Independent Living
The Historic John C. Whitin Mansion - circa 1840

Private Apartments

The apartments in the 2 Chestnut Street buildings are designed for complete independent living. There are a variety of 1- and 2-bedroom apartments. A couple one-bedroom apartments are handicap accessible.

Historic Home

Live in the Historic 1840 John C. Whitin Mansion. Private rooms with ensuite bathroom located in a safe, historic home. Immaculately groomed 9 acres of estate offer peace and quiet.


The Whitinsville Retirement Home provides home-cooked meals, tea & coffee service, snacks, laundry, cable TV and housekeeping services. You don’t have to do anything other than come and enjoy yourself.

Manicured Grounds

The grounds surrounding the home include many varieties of flowering trees & shrubs and provide walkways for the resident’s enjoyment.

Our Mission

The Whitinsville Retirement Home is a Christian residential home for the elderly. Our goal is to create a loving atmosphere in a comfortable, home-like setting and to provide carefree living and companionship in a healthy environment.

About Whitinsville Retirement Home


Dedicated to providing quality, affordable housing for the well elderly

The Whitinsville Retirement Home is a communal living facility located on a nine-acre estate at 10 Chestnut Street in Whitinsville, Massachusetts. Now operated as a non-profit business, the property formerly known as the Mason Home was purchased by the Whitinsville Retirement Society, Inc. in 1975.

The Whitinsville Retirement Home endeavors to provide for the needs of those who choose to no longer live alone or can no longer handle all the responsibilities of living in their own home, but are not in need of nursing home care. In this family-like setting, residents must be ambulatory and self-sufficient in the personal needs of everyday living.


What you will find at Whitinsville Retirement Home

– Historic home with private rooms and baths

– Manicured grounds on nine wooded acres

– A quiet, residential area

– Meals, laundry, and housekeeping services

– A loving atmosphere

– Social interaction and activities

– A safe facility

– On-site resident director

– Maintenance and repairs

– Independent living apartments

Our History

January 1975

The first meeting for the purposes of forming a society to establish a retirement complex in Whitinsville was on January 30, 1975, in the Fairlawn Christian Church. An interim committee of six people out of the sixty-five present was elected. This committee made an offer on the nine-acre Mason property on Chestnut Street in Whitinsville, which was for sale at that time. The interim committee decided to incorporate on February 13, 1975 and did so a week later on February 21. The corporation became known as the “Whitinsville Retirement Society, Inc.”

March 1975

On March 6, 1975, the members of the corporation were notified that the Whitinsville Retirement Society’s bid for the purchase of the Mason property had been accepted, and proposed by-laws were also adopted.

July 1975

During the next several months, funds were solicited from members and friends for a down payment on the property. On July 1, 1975, the title of the same was taken in the name of the corporation. By July 31, 1975, the first director/coordinator of the retirement home had been hired and renovations on the existing twenty-room home were beginning to be undertaken.

October 1975

On October 21, 1975, our first resident moved in, two more joined in November, and another two came in early 1976. The retirement home was off and running!

February 1977

On February 22, 1977, the Board of the Society authorized a loan application from Farmers Home Administration to construct twenty-four units of independent housing for the elderly. Then the society could construct the second of three complexes on its “campus for the elderly”.

The original director resigned in this year, to be followed by many other competent successors.

July 1980

By July of 1980, the “independent housing” complex and occupied. The retirement home had enough rooms for nine residents, with construction underway to make rooms for an additional ten to fifteen residents, including a small apartment for a director’s residence.


In 2000, another change in directors prompted more renovations. The upstairs area of the original building became the director’s apartment, and the former director’s quarters were made into rooms for elderly residents. A new enlarged kitchen was designed and equipped with a walk-in freezer, a two-door upright refrigerator, an improved cook stove, and a speedy dishwasher. We now have seventeen resident rooms, three of which could accommodate a couple.


Today, the Retirement Society is served by a six member Board of Directors that oversees the Retirement Home, as well as the Elderly Housing Apartments located across the yard. Each year, two members of the Board “retire” and two new members are elected at the annual meeting of the Society.


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Whitinsville Retirement Home

10 Chestnut Street  •  Whitinsville, Massachusetts 01588

Are you interested in learning more about the Whitinsville Retirement Home?

Please send us your contact information and we would be happy to call you to discuss options about having your loved one stay with us. Although there is a short waiting list for a room to become available at WRH, it is always wise to start a discussion about your own unique situation. We care about our residents and want to make transitions as easy and stress-free as possible for all involved. Come for a visit, refreshments, or a lunch. Contact Susan at 508-234-6381.

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